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  1. Lets Talk About Santa Cruz Sales

    Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Tim Cain asks, Can the SC sell 50,000 units a year? HMMM. Hyundai averaged 46,000 Tucsons per year over the last 4. Do you think the SC will outsell the Tucson. I do not. Honda sold more then 50,000 Ridgelines once, 50,193... Can Hyundai USA Sell 50,000 Copies Of The Santa Cruz Per Year? -...
  2. Santa Cruz is Tailor-Made for Millenials (Who Don't Usually Buy Trucks)

    Hyundai Santa Cruz News
    The Hyundai Santa Cruz is the first "crossover truck" that I have heard of. Given that crossovers are so popular right now, it seems like a smart play to create a truck that also fits in with the crossover category. Hyundai has done extensive market research that has caused them to rethink the...
  3. Will the Santa Cruz get a diesel engine?

    Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hyundai America Product boss Mike O'Brien says that the Santa Cruz is a definite potential candidate for a diesel engine when it hits production. And that is just one part of a larger push by Hyundai to bring diesel engines to America. With CAFE requirements mandating high fuel efficiency...
  4. Waiting for Confirmation

    Hyundai Santa Cruz News
    Hyundai is pushing to build more trucks as it admits that it isn't as well set up to deal with the industrys truck and crossover driven sales surge. That the Santa Cruz generated favourable buzz post Detroit is no secret and Hyundai Motor America has been pressuring Korean HQ to accelerate...
  5. Have you seen MB's 2020 pickup truck?

    Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    This is being built by Nissan. Check it out. When you see the picture, you'll say, "Holy ****, that's not that different!!!" (Well, that's what I said, at least!) Mercedes Pickup to be Built by Nissan » News