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  1. Will the Santa Cruz get a diesel engine?

    Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hyundai America Product boss Mike O'Brien says that the Santa Cruz is a definite potential candidate for a diesel engine when it hits production. And that is just one part of a larger push by Hyundai to bring diesel engines to America. With CAFE requirements mandating high fuel efficiency...
  2. Waiting for Confirmation

    Hyundai Santa Cruz News
    Hyundai is pushing to build more trucks as it admits that it isn't as well set up to deal with the industrys truck and crossover driven sales surge. That the Santa Cruz generated favourable buzz post Detroit is no secret and Hyundai Motor America has been pressuring Korean HQ to accelerate...
  3. Santa Cruz Interior Wish List Thread

    We should expect the Santa Cruz to follow interior design consistent with other related models along with things unique to it, truck focused things. What would you guys like those unique things to be?
  4. 2016 Ford Taurus Pickup Truck Render

    The Car Lounge
    Just thought that I would add to the other renders that have been on the site this one of a Ford Taurus pickup truck. A lot of these renders haven't been confirmed or even considered publicly, but with the Santa Cruz and Mercedes-Benz pickup trucks seeming quite likely, it is very possible...
  5. What You've Owned Before and Why You're Interest in the Santa Cruz

    Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    This should be interesting: What have you previously and currently owned, and why are you interested in the Santa Cruz? Previously owned: 1993 Mazda Protege 2006 VW Jetta diesel Currently owned: 2004 GMC Canyon 4WD 2008 Honda Accord coupe V6 manual The Protege was my first car which I had...