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  1. Introductions
    Howdy all! Excited I found this forum and the nuggets of info here. This Colorado girl received her new Stone Blue limited Cruz right before Christmas. I’ve already started customizing too. What can I say. Women like their accessories! I’ve upgraded the rims to something slightly more rugged...
  2. Accessories and Modifications
    Anybody know what type of roof cross bars are in this ad for the Santa Cruz? Haven't seen any like it floating around and the ones I see don't look as "sleek" as the ones in this video. I HATE the OEM cross bars that stick out. Yeah you might have more sideways cargo area but I'm not gonna be...
  3. Accessories and Modifications
    Has anyone found a air compressor that works with the rear bed outlet? I bought one that supposedly works with 110v outlets but it keeps tripping the breaker. The outlet appears to barely power the pump in idle but when it starts to pump it cuts out. d it
  4. HyundaiShop
    Hello Everyone! We are super excited to be sponsoring the Santa Cruz Forums! We look forward to being the first to let you know when new products are available for your beautiful Santa Cruz, of which can be found on our website - Hyundai Shop! Not only that, but we will let you know when...
  5. Stuff!

    Hyundai: Fob case, LED Bulbs, reflective door stickers, Violet the Torbi Gordita Purrrita Burrita Chiquita kitty, oil infuser air fresheners, door/trim protector, deer whistlers, skid door jam protectant sticker, decals, microfiber cleaning mops, center console organizer, dip, scotch guard, Etc…..
  6. Accessories and Modifications
    After waiting 2 weeks, got my ordered N badge! looks cool 😁 wanted to share with our SC family
  7. Accessories and Modifications
    Hey everyone, New stone black limited owner here. I was wondering if anyone has been able to find any information on some OEM accessories from other Hyundai models that will be compatible with the Santa Cruz? More specifically, I’m looking to buy roof rack cross bars and a center console...
1-7 of 7 Results