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  1. Hyundai Santa Cruz Photos and Videos
    What things do you haul?
  2. Accessories and Modifications
    I made a quick video on how to install the Bull Ring Tie Downs for the bed. These will come in handy big time. Especially if I'm going to haul anything on top of the tonneau cover (rated for over 200lbs and adds a lot of volumetric capacity). Video: The Bull Rings can be found on Amazon at...
  3. Problems and Solutions
    Actually put my phantom black sel premium to the test by taking on a massive supply run. A little background info: I'm an art teacher who needs the versatility a vehicle like the Santa Cruz can offer. The run consisted of myself and 2 other art teachers, a 3 foot spool of chicken wire, 8 - 10...
1-3 of 3 Results