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  1. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Have any of you downloaded the navigation update? I am having issues as location is listing me 25 miles from where I am. I have the limited Santa Cruz. I downloaded the initial install app and then logged into the website and downloaded the update. Any suggestions?
  2. Problems and Solutions
    UPDATE 1/4/22: I removed the CarPlay wireless dongle and did the CarPlay Navigation test with a cable connection. Everything worked as it should. Evidently it is the wireless dongle causing the erratic behavior. UPDATE 12/23/21: Today I once again selected the built-in navigation for a route...
  3. Electronics and Audio
    November 2021 Navigation Map and Software Update List: Notice | Official Hyundai Motors Navigation Update Website New Update: Notice | Official Hyundai Motors Navigation Update Website Nothing fancy. No Android Auto full-screen. :cry: Currently working on the download to flash drive (it's...
1-3 of 3 Results