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  1. Accessories and Modifications
    Just picked up my SC this weekend. Paid the $195 (non-optional option) for the carpeted floor mats. The front mats fit fine but the back one is easily 2-3” longer than the truck is wide. The left and right sections fit snug but the middle is jumped up off the floor. I expect better for $195...
  2. Accessories and Modifications
    My limited arrives next week, so this post is made in optimistic anticipation that the deal goes well. I’d like to snag a bed extender and tow hitch, but dealer wants $1500 total. MSRP on them is much less, obviously. Anywhere online that is a good option for accessories? Difficulty: shipping to...
  3. Appearance and Body
    Hi y'all any idea what these tabs under the front of the rear wheel arches? And is it ok to remove them? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results