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  1. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    I saw my first Santa Cruz (besides mine) out in the wild this morning! I noticed the truck behind me so I slowed down a bit so he could catch up. As he passed we both smiled and waved. We have our own exclusive club!! 😂 Anyone else have similar experiences? It made my morning. 👋
  2. HyundaiShop
    Happy Cinco de Mayo! In celebration for today, we would like to announce that Hyundai has released a new item for the Santa Cruz! Introducing the Hyundai Santa Cruz Sliding Bed Divider! With a simple slide-on process, keeping the bed of your brand new Santa Cruz clean and sorted has never been...
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    Drive into summer with brand new accessories for your Santa Cruz! Your journey starts here!
  4. HyundaiShop
    Come together with us as we celebrate Earth Day! To celebrate Earth Day we are running a sale starting today and continuing until 4/25/2022! You can use coupon code EDS5 to save 5% off your Santa Cruz Accessories at checkout! *Excludes WeatherTech, Thule, Top Seller Kits and On-Sale Items. Not...
1-4 of 4 Results