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  1. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Has anybody use the Curt 56466 wiring harness? I had a bit of difficulty ordering the factory one, and saw this was a good second option. I'm wondering where you mounted the converter module that comes with the wiring harness? Thanks!
  2. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Disregard. My search didn't turn it up, but all I had to do was post a thread and the related topics engine showed me the error of my ways. There is a thread here. Hyundai/Kia hitch wiring harness catching fire Mods, feel free to delete my thread. I can't seem to do it.
  3. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Hey y'all. Been lurking for a while but finally got around to making an account and wanted to share some information. First things first... picked up my white SEL AWD w/ activity package from Hyundai of Hampton in Virginia in Jan 2022. I was at the time living in the Washington DC area and very...
  4. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Hey Santa Cruz fam! Just wanted to share this pic of my SC hauling my jet ski. What does everyone else haul with their SC?
  5. Hyundai Santa Cruz General Discussion
    Anyone have experience pushing it to its towing limits? I would love to get one which could tow a small RV.
  6. Accessories and Modifications
    I made a quick video on how to install the Bull Ring Tie Downs for the bed. These will come in handy big time. Especially if I'm going to haul anything on top of the tonneau cover (rated for over 200lbs and adds a lot of volumetric capacity). Video: The Bull Rings can be found on Amazon at...
1-6 of 6 Results