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  1. Accessories and Modifications
    Hey everyone, I'm new here! I bought a black SEL with the activity package and I'm super happy with it so far. I'm wondering if anyone has any truck bed style tents that they've installed or have been looking at. I want to do a lot of beach/ mountain camping and fishing. I found this one...
  2. Accessories and Modifications
    Has anyone found a air compressor that works with the rear bed outlet? I bought one that supposedly works with 110v outlets but it keeps tripping the breaker. The outlet appears to barely power the pump in idle but when it starts to pump it cuts out. d it
  3. Accessories and Modifications
    Hi all - See a decent amount of success posts with the Thule roof rack which is great, but see no whisper/mention of anyone looking into a truck bed rack. Anyone know any news or have looked into installing one? Couple things I can think of: Would greatly help with the concerns of the...
1-3 of 3 Results