Hey there, y'all.

I picked up a set of extra 18" rims from another member a while back in order to mount up a full size spare tire. Sold one to another SC owner locally here in central TX, have two more left.

I'm going to be driving from Texas to Michigan in the next couple of weeks, so if you want one or two OEM 18" rims for a full size matching spare, and you're in any of the following areas, let me know and maybe we can arrange to meet up:

Central Texas.
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Little Rock/Hot Springs, AR
Champaign, IL
SW Michigan
Grand Rapids, MI
Or anywhere in between

Give me a shout if you're interested. I'm not looking to ship these at this time. Packing them would be a massive pain, and I don't trust shipping companies not to destroy them en

TL;DR - going from Texas to the Midwest next couple weeks. If you're on my route and want a full size OEM rim for a spare, I can bring one to your area and we can meet up to exchange money for said rim.

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