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While the adhesive is still fresh I decided to get rid of the badge on the tail gate
It was super easy, just dental floss and finger picking the residue

here is how it looks


Now to the first break in oil change


I got it to 532 miles, and it's roughly 50% highway and 50% city

First let's check out the dipstick and get a baseline reading of engine oil


this is by far the best dipstick I've seen, braided metal and plastic tip


Kudos to Hyundai Alabama, the oil level was spot on from factory

I've had Toyotas from the factory slightly overfilled engine oil

Now since it's only an oil change let's go on ramps

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

these plastic covers are held on by fasteners, use a flat screw driver to pry it open and pull the pin to release it, very easy to figure out



loosen and remove the 2 bolts with 10 mm socket

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after removing the covers, you'll see oil drain plug, torque spec 30 lbft 17mm socket to remove


oil filter housing takes a 27mm socket, and torque spec is 18 lbft

in the center of the housing, there's a plastic oil filter drain plug, 8mm HEX, hand tighten is good enough, I used the torque wrench it almost broke the HEX.


Let the 500-mile oil drain, it looked very good and fresh

While I wait, here is what the engine cover removed looks

Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive air manifold Vehicle


I'll be replacing the OE drain plug with aftermarket strong magnet drain plug


strong magnet tip


use 8MM HEX to loosen and remove the filter drain plug


let it drip for sometime so it won't gush out and make a mess, while I get the oil and filter ready



remove the oil housing and here is the 500-mile oil filter, just tiny bits of shiny stuff, nothing to worry about at all

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yank the oil filter out, and remove the old o-ring, and put in the new one supplied in the oil filter kit

follow this when you put in the new o-ring


and then put the new filter in the housing and put it back on the vehicle. Torque everything good and you are done for now

next part is pretty must standard, pour 5.2 quarts (6.18 might be too much so I'll check multiple times) and then check for leaks, reinstall the plastic cover, and grab yourself a beer.

Final step is adjusting oil level, it requires some driving and then cool off the engine and check, if not full, add more, pretty straightforward.

Final adjusted amount: 6 quarts even to bring the level to full. Be aware that it was an inclined and very thorough drain, if you don't wait too long for it to drain or drain on a level surface 6 quarts might be too much, to be safe start with 5.2 quarts, which for me yielded a reading of 35% from L to F
Tools List:

  • Flat-head screw driver
  • 10mm socket
  • 17mm socket
  • 27mm socket
  • 8mm HEX head
  • Torque wrench
  • socket extensions of various length

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It convinced me those days are over for me. I'm too old for it now (or lazy.)
Ironically I'm the opposite. As I've gotten older I started doing more and more of my own maintenance since my trust and patience for dealers and clueless techs has hit rock bottom. I found I was spending 20 mins at the 10 min oil change place but could actually do the task faster at home in my driveway. Plus now I know it was done right and there was no upsell of misc or unneeded services. Granted its not for everyone but I kind of enjoy getting hands on.

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How many miles will you go between changes with that synthetic oil?
my next change will be at 1.5k miles
and then 4k and every 4k I think, I want it to align with fuel additive injector cleaner schedule, which is every 4k miles treat 1 tank of gas
I forgot to do this one but I'll have the oil analysis done in the next couple of oil changes, it's definitely an overkill, the vast majority of people follow non-severe schedule and still drive 100k+ miles so 🤷‍♂️

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“And pour yourself a beer.” Clearly the most important step. In your professional opinion does the style of beer matter? I really don’t want to mess anything up. IPA? Kolsch (summer only)? Good Pilsner?
lol, as long as its not Belgian tripel we're good, you'll still need to be able to read dipstick afterwards, that 12% alc content gives me a buzz too fast
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