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Interesting that he notes the SC runs wider tires then Mav, better for braking and handling but might cost you a tiny bit of MPG. First time I've heard that mentioned in a comparison but its an excellent point. More car-like then a Mav in driving feel and dynamics which is a big win in my book.

Right tool for the right job really hits at why most people would be fine with SC yet we still see the never ending "bed is too small" comments. He is half right about the locking cover, I wish reviewers were explain this better since it sets the wrong exceptions. He did do a good job showing the water resistance of the cover.

Glad he addressed the payload thing... AGAIN to clear up the confusion. Good point about load leveling suspension, the rake on the Ranger for example was one of the reasons I didn't like it.

Alex does a good job explaining the DCT and reports it shifts as good as VW units which is impressive. The starting on a slope with a trailer is my main concern. Torque converter autos are really good at slow speed crawling while DCTs are not since your dealing with clutch slip. I'm not worried about overheating because I don't spent much time in such situations but this is going to be a problem for those looking to do more off-road stuff.

Shocked to see the bigger Ridgeline doesn't have more leg room in the back. The vehicle shown has the Grey/Green interior with the Orange accents that everyone always asks about. I wonder how hard it would be to remove those fabric trim pieces are replace that material with something else just to add some color to the interior.
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