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Traveling fully packed back from Florida to NY in my 9 month old SC 2022 the muffler bracket comes loose and falls off the bracket causing it to lean against the tire which blew out immediately
We put bracket on enough to hold for 11 hrs and stopping to push it on every two hrs

Taking all luggage out to get to tools and lower the temp spare from underneath
Then driving to the nearest tire shop and getting whatever tire they had to make it home
It was proven this was a factory mistake and the muffler is under warranty but it has been a fight with Corp.
I would like to have all four tires replaced since I have now one Perelli and three Michelin

Still fighting for a mere $300 dollars for the tire I had to buy
Check your muffler brackets and don’t you think Corp should replace all four so I have the same tires same wear.


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Having worked in the tire business for 10 years... I see zero witness marks from any contact with a bracket in your picture. I can faintly see run low damage on the sidewall where it says MICHELIN where the tire would have ran low on air got suuuper hot... and blew out causing all of those holes. Historically the right rear is the number one tire to pickup a nail or screw etc. cause a leak.. very quickly or very slowly deflate and cause this.

Like others said lets see this bracket in question... And no hyundai will not buy you tires.

Either way.. whatever happened.... Your best bet will be to contact Michelin and file a complaint with pictures and a nice conversation. They may even prorate all four of your tires for a new set. Ive seen this first hand and done it myself also.
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