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Hello, all! I’ve been working toward finding a solution to keep smaller things like grocery bags or loose items etc. from tipping or rolling around in the bed of my SC — finally figured I could make one myself, so wanted to share my design with you!
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I based my design on two Husky storage bins from Home Depot:

Essentially, I cut the tops off of each to make them a bit shorter, cut the ends off, and put them together so I have a simple, versatile solution to tame the cargo in the bed a bit.

I designed this solution with a few things as requirements:
- leave in the bed most of the time, but be easy to remove
- ability to move forward or backward to maintain access to the under bed storage
- ability to move forward entirely under the tonneau cover mechanism
- be inexpensive

The reality is that you could probably cut the ends off of two bins, use strong duct tape to join them together, and call it a day. I used metal tape in the middle just to cover the imperfect seam.

I also reinforced the front and back with flat metal rods that I riveted to the bins for extra resilience.
I will probably add straps on the sides to attach to at least two of the bed tie downs once I figure out if the bin moves around when I’m driving or not

Anyway hope this is useful or maybe a little inspirational for your own Santa Cruz projects!


Moved all the way forward:
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