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Quick update.
I test drove an SEL premium about a week ago. I first took the time to see how a car seat would fit for me. I was very pleased that moving the driver seat to how I like it and for my height (5'9"), I was able to get a car seat properly behind the driver seat. I also sat in the back seat and had enough legroom, tho would probably feel cramped on a road trip.

As far as the drive went, it was everything all of you have been saying. Overall extremely smooth and fun to drive. Plenty of responsiveness at any point that I wanted it. It was also a very quiet ride which was a very noticeable difference from my forester. I also loved some of the utility features such as the tonneau cover, the cargo/cooler space in the bed, and the feel of the interior.

Overall great experience. I am really hooked on the idea of this vehicle.
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