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Hi Folks, I've been waiting for a new small truck for at least 3 years. I'm a small truck fan. I've owned a 86 Mazda B2000, 92 Ford Ranger, and just sold my 98 GMC Sonoma. Small trucks fit my needs in a way that the recent glut of mid and full size trucks can't. Like many, I've been keeping an eye on the development of the SC. I like that Hyundai decided to put out a trucklet that provides the convenience of a small truck, but also one that has style. You get the utility of a small bed, and the comfort of a nice car. I think that's a winning combination. I put my money down, and have no concern about the product Hyundai will give me.
I currently own a 19 Kona, and my wife and I bought our daughter an Elantra when she graduated from High School to take to college. I have had trouble free experiences with both cars. My daughter drove her car 5 years before she ran it under the back of a work truck.
I look forward to following the discussions.
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Greetings to 'Eastern NC'
From 'Central NC.' Welcome aboard.

As a non-former Hyundai owner, I am encouraged by your positive experiences.
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