17x8 Enkei RPF1 wheels with 255/70/17 Kenda Klever AT tires. This is a matching set of five wheels and tires, 2000 miles on four of them and the spare hasn't been rotated in yet. OEM tire pressure monitors are installed in all five wheels. Nothing wrong with this setup, it just attracts too much attention along with lots of questions when I’d rather have something more low key. $2000 for all five. If you think that price is out of line, make an offer.........or just check out how much Enkei RPF1 wheels cost. This setup is 10 pounds lighter than the stock 20's. Total weight is 50.8 pounds compared to 61 with the stock setup.

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I also have a set of five, 245/70/17 Hankook Dynapro AT2 that I can sell too. $700 for all five. Bought these tires and ended up wanting to go with the Kendas, so these have been in my garage.
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You will need spacers for these wheels and I also have a new set of Bora 15 mm spacers that I will sell for $300. I ordered two sets and liked how the 20 mm version looked so the 15 mm set has been sitting in the garage. These are not the same as the spacers you see on Amazon or eBay. Top quality billet from a machine shop that specializes in hub spacers.
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I will possibly trade for a set of OEM Hyundai or Kia 18 inch wheels since I think black or gun metal is what I want to go with, instead of my bronze wheels.