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Gear Head!

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Hey all!

Glad to see someone jumped on this and started a forum for the Santa Cruz. I wanted to show my support!

Even though the SC was said not to be marketed at truck drivers, my currently daily driver is a 2010 Tacoma access cab. Love it to death, but this thing (so long as I can tow a small trailer) really checks all the boxes for me. It is SO nice to see something unique possibly coming to market! There really is nothing else on the new market that has interested me much. It would be nice to have a daily driver that meets all my utility needs with out paying the truck penalty.

Here's to hoping that this thing gets built!
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Did you ever really need the little bit of capability the Tacoma had or were you using it more in a way that's in line with what the SC is solely targeted towards?
It looks like SC would meet all my needs. The main reason I got the Tacoma it in the first place was when I attempted to ride my sportbike from Dallas to Eureka Springs in one day (400 mi). By the time I got there, I decided to get a truck & motorcycle trailer as I was in much pain! This year Colorado will be my destination.

I use the bed somewhat often for various projects around the house and much prefer a bed to a SUV. It would not hinder anything I do to have a smaller bed so long as I can tow my bike (load-flat motorcycle trailer + medium weight bike = about 1700lbs).

I see the Tucson is rated at 2000lbs for towing.
Nice! What type of sportbike do you have?
With needs as low demand like that you're definitely well off with truck like this. If the SC actually happens I have a good feeling we can expect to see them promote it for multiple uses, one of which being what you need an SC for.
Its a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14.
Could not agree with you more, TX! I can see you buzzing up I-35 in this thing, and the heads are just a turnin'!!!
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