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Has anyone seen another SC on the road?

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I am not taking about at a dealership sitting on the lot (rare enough) but just another random owner driving by?

Today I saw an Accelerate Yellow (that highlighter maker color) convertible C8 in a parking lot and was reminded how rare spotting one in the wild still is nearly two years after the launch. When my wife had her super rare Volvo C30 I could count on one hand how many I encountered in traffic.
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I am sorry I did not see your wave. When I am driving I am very focused on staying safe in traffic, especially today with all of the extra trucks on very hilly road. Several times over the years someone said they saw me in traffic and waved. I did not see them. I was trying to watch for traffic situations that could go bad. (To be clear, I was in a Mojave Sand SC.)
We're you in the Sevierville pigeon forge area?
We're you in the Sevierville pigeon forge area?
No. It was mile marker 261. The Carthage/Gordonsville exit is at mile marker 258. So, it was about three miles east of that on I-40 eastbound.
Had one park two spots down from me at the Walmart over the weekend.
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Had my Fantasma's twin pull up next to me at light this evening. 183 and Bryant Irvin in Fort Worth.
I have seen a total of three and all were black, looking forward to seeing the other colors in person.
I am seeing them all over the place now. My favorite colors, mind you this is my opinion. Mojave sand, white, black. Could loose the others. Wish they had a metallic burgundy/candy apple ish color! Mazda and Ram have a nice one in that. With Chevy an ok 3rd
Another Hampton Gray caught up to me about lunchtime, and then peeled off onto a side street after a half-mile or so. Kinda funny to see two of us almost in a row.
I saw a black one the other day, in Pitman NJ. He passed me turning left in front of me, as I was waiting to turn left. I waved, and he gave me a thumbs up. I felt bad after, with the wave, because that's a Jeep thing. We Cruz owners need our own "signal". I'm ok with the thumbs up :)
I saw a black one the other day, in Pitman NJ. He passed me turning left in front of me, as I was waiting to turn left. I waved, and he gave me a thumbs up. I felt bad after, with the wave, because that's a Jeep thing. We Cruz owners need our own "signal". I'm ok with the thumbs up :)
ITS NOT A JEEP THING. Bikers have been waving long before Jeeps. As a real biker, and exJeeper, I can verify bikers waved more than jeeps. In my opinion it's not a Vehicle Specific thing. I wave at every Cruz I see.
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I had one pull up behind me at night. Thought it was a Tucson until I turned, they went straight, looked in the rear view and saw its truck bed. Thats why they zoomed up on my tail they were checking out mine.. crazy thing is it was a block away from home.

Anybody here from Hillsboro, Oregon?
Saw my 2nd one in the wild today passing by me, a Blue Stone with what looked like D.C. plates.
Now that summer is in full bloom in my “vacation destination”, I’m expecting to see more.
Well after seven months finally saw my 3rd one today and it wasn't sage like the other two. In fact it was a twin to my Mojave Sand Limited. Twas on I-8 east just before Alpine Ca. I pulled over so he could pass and I could check it out as my exit was coming up. Got nothing from the driver, not even a glance over let alone a wave. Eyes straight ahead. Had AZ plates and tailgate lettering. Maybe the color Sand and SC'c are common in AZ.
I've seen 2 in my area outside of Savannah, GA around Ft. Stewart / Hinesville. 1 was white with a hood stripe and the other black. I have a SE in white myself.
Saw two this weekend - both blue. One over in North Cape Coral crossing the bridge from Ft Myers at 2PM on the 4th. The other on I-75 getting onto the Sawgrass in Weston. Lost track of how many Tuscons I saw, those DRLs always make you do a double take.

Saw one Maverick on Alligator Alley - very slab sided, flat and dull in person, on the road it looks a toy while the SC almost looks bulky in comparison.
Saw a different white Limited yesterday, so that makes at least 3 in the area.
Mrs. ToadVine encountered an Ice White Limited in the grocery store parking lot today (NC, I-40, exit 312.) He was very enthusiastic about meeting another Cruz-er. Based on the conversation she reported, he was probably not a forum member here.
A couple weeks ago I pulled into a strip mall parking lot and parked nose to nose with a Sage Gray Limited. When I came out of the restaurant a few hours later, it was gone.
Saw my first one in the wild a few days ago, in Westminster (CO). Grey.
Been watching the SC since it was announced, bought mine in March, this is the first one.
Went on a long road trip over the Independence Day break (Dallas to Van Buren, AR, to Madison, WI, and back). I saw 6-7 Santa Cruzes on the trip. All were heading the other direction from me. Most were in Missouri - I think I saw one in Arkansas or Oklahoma on the way up. All were either black or white, possibly one Hampton Grey. At highway speeds, there was no chance to wave at each other.
I've seen 2-3 SC and 2-3 Maverick's which surprised about the Maverick since they have sold so many more, I should check the wreaking yard for burnt ones ?
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