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Just thought I'd introduce myself, and describe my Santa Cruz discovery journey.

I'm from Columbus, OH, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this vehicle.

I currently drive a 2013 Honda Insight. I plan on getting a new vehicle late this year, or early next year. I started watching/researching the market back in February (2021).

I had planned on upgrading to something the size of a Rav4, preferably a hybrid. On a whim I decided to check out trucks and found them much larger and (more importantly) expensive than I expected. I didn't realize small trucks had disappeared from the U.S. market 10ish years ago. I found out about some of the small trucks in other markets, even right across the southern U.S. border. So, I decided to see if any of the manufacturers were developing small trucks.

First, I came across the myriad Ford Maverick rumors and spy shots. I got super excited about the Maverick, and then noticed "Santa Cruz" coming up in searches for Maverick news. I checked them out, a few weeks before the Santa Cruz reveal date announcement.

After watching a few of the launch/review videos, I started to get excited about the Santa Cruz. I continue to get more excited as I see each new pic and video. My partner was pretty skeptical, as she never liked the Brat, or Baja. I showed her a few of the press video reviews and she is SOLD on the Santa Cruz, pending test drives and physical review.

If the SEL/SEL Premium AWD trims stay under the Ford Ranger, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying a Santa Cruz. Unless the Maverick somehow features equal space with better gas mileage and a lower price, I'll find it difficult to give-up Hyundai's warranty and 3yr/36000mi maintenance plan for a Ford product. At this point, my plan is to get a 2022 Tuscon hybrid if the Santa Cruz prices me out of the market.
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