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'22 SC Limited Hampton Gray
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Greetings to all members! As a long time car guy, I am excited to see a SC in the flesh, and see if it is everything I have read, heard and watched. If so, I am all in on a Limited; and yes, with the 20 inch wheels. 馃構

I have owned a lot of "special interest" vehicles; among them are a Chevy LUV (converted with a Buick V6), a couple of Mustang Cobras, Camaro Z-28, Dodge Dakota R/T, Dodge Magnum, Chevy SSR, Infiniti M45, Infiniti M56S, Geneisis 5.0 Ultimate, Cadillac V-Sport Premium; and many others along the way. I love how the SC does not fit any one vehicle segment, but rather goes its own direction.

As we downsize for retirement, we are looking to thin the herd automotively speaking; and the SC seems to fit the bill for our driving and lifestyle. Mostly just the two of us (empty nesters), driving is majority of city & freeway; rarely towing. The power output seems decent (with the turbo), and we love our tech. We were originally thinking the Genesis GV70 Sport Prestige, but the SC is more of an "all-rounder" vs. a luxury SUV; and priced a good chunk of money less.

Look forward to interacting with the forum and members. Thanks for having me. 馃榾

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Welcome! You appear similar to many here including myself that may not have been Hyundai's original target market.

  • Long time car guy CHECK
  • Loves how the SC does not fit into any one segment CHECK
  • Close to retirement buyer CHECK
  • Downsize for retirement CHECK
  • Thin the herd CHECK
  • Lifestyle vehicle CHECK
  • Rarely tow CHECK
  • All-rounder (do-it-all) vehicle CHECK

All that equals :love: in my vehicle book!

PS: Have a life long friend that stuffed a V8 in his Chevy Luv back in the day. Made for a "Mr. Toads" wild ride and towed his sandrails to the dunes and boat to the Colorado River with ease. He's now got his eye on the SC as well.

'22 SC Limited Hampton Gray
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Thank you for the warm welcome! (y) I agree; I think the target market is younger city dwellers that like to go hiking & biking on the weekends. Glad to know I am in like-minded and situational company!

Really looking forward to hearing owner experiences on here. Being as how we are on the west coast, I am sure we will be among the last to see units on the lots.

Back in my drag racing days, I saw a guy with a V8 Luv (completely stock motor) running low 12's. Pretty impressive!

Again, thank you for the warm welcome. :giggle:
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