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I am trying so hard to wait for the new Santa Cruz but my resolve is diminishing as I see the prices of the two main trucks that have my interest (2018 Ridgeline and 2016-17:Chevy 1500 crew cabs in 4wd) prices drop. I have been praying since 2016 that the Santa Cruz would be a 4 door and I would be able to purchase one! My prayers were answered! I now have money burning a hole in my pocket and I have researched the market and models to death ( my wife calls me obsessed, I say “just thorough hun”). But waiting for the perfect color and options for me, Hyundai finally announces MODEL 2021 to be built in Alabama (my home state). OMG!! A sign from the almighty himself to abandon my practices of purchasing vehicles 2-5;years old used and BUY THIS VEHICLE!!!
I am desperately trying to hold on but one more test drive in these “runnerups” to my true desire amend I may succumb to the value and bells and whistles of the devil I know verses the devil I don’t know, this vapor of a vehicle that has been whispered about in the break rooms, water coolers and promised to us, the truck buying masses by the gem of a vehicle manufacturer, The Korean replacement to the overpriced, dull and overpromising Toyota Corporation! There you have it. The reason for my demise can only be cured by Hyundai’s promise to the world.
ifyou read my rant and see a little of yourself in my terminal condition, stop in and say “hey, I feel your pain” or hit the thumbs up. Lol
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