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Long story short....
I saw the Santa Cruz first....
Paid my $100 reservation fee.....Found out it didnt reserve it refunded
Went to the Ford Maverick, Ordered...two One is Set to be built 10/25 the other..Lariat Hybrid...Not scheduled since 6/17
Got frustrated...Started looking for other Trucks...
Hyundai salesman called me... "A SE FWD just landed,, I said I'll come by that night....
He was out getting the Santa Cruz and everyone told me he was gone for the night
The wife and I get a little put off...and said that's it for Hyundai....
The salesman called me and said I was getting the Sant Cruz from the back and can you come back and I said "No" I was halfway home I'll come back the next day
I called and told him something came up and I can't make it (Payback)
He bugged me the next day, I said ok I'll be there
I stopped to look at a used Ridgeline...Liked it but it had 112,000 miles on it and from Ohio(rusty)
Took the wife with me
I loved the Santa Cruz.... I told her..I can't let my emotions get involved because I'll probably get mad and walk out with all the BS they put you through
They wanted $2495 addendum... on top of the price
My truck(trade-in) had a KBB trade-in price of 21,400
They came in at $18000 on my trade...I told them to use some of that addendum and bring my trade-in back to the 21000....
Moral of the story... These guys I can give high marks too... it was the easiest buy in all my car buying...Once they knew I meant to walk they just laid down
And I took home the Black SE FWD... It's and drives very sporty like...hugs the road
Feels much better than and 2.0 T Maverick's I drove and feels less cheap inside... a lot more refined...

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I went thru the same non sense.
I was going to wait till the 23's come out but DAng Nab it , I want one now! I had relatively good luck finding 4. One I let go 'cause dealer insulted my intelligence by low balling me on my trade (top dollar my buttocks). One got away, sold out from under me 'cause I wanted a written invoice before I drove 2 1/2 hours. Locally I found 2 at MSRP an SEL AWD / hitch , HG /G and a SEL w/ Activity pkg ,HG/ G which is the one i contracted for. 11/4 delivery date. The Plain SEL awd is still available 11/ 15

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Glad you found one and made the right choice of vehicle. ;)

Now you can cancel that full size Bronco and 2 Maverick reservations... :p

Welcome to the Santa Cruz side of every day driving pleasure!
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