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So I finally hit the break in on my Limited and got to truly enjoy the ride and it’s modes for the first time.

Took a 500+ mile journey from New England down through the Delaware River state park and back up through central jersey over the GWB, through CT traffic on 84 and back home. This was the road trip to really feel out how much fun this thing would be.

Did some good (border line legal) pulls on the highway, got in to some nice spats, and most importantly tested out all of my new trucks capabilities and some of Hyundai’s
available drive assist functions.

Went out for a drive today in some open road, non highway traffic conditions and did some pulls in sport mode: definitely quicker off the line than my Ram but definitely not as hard a pull off the line. The difference obviously being the turbo, but nonetheless an enjoyable feel.

From 0-60: initial pull was noticeably better in the Ram, 0-60 is about the same (fact check me) but a majority of the pull is high end RPMs.

From 60-100: in regular drive mode, be prepared for auto gear selection, which was similar to the Ram. In sport mode and selecting the right gear before a pull was way quicker than the 1500.

My favorite aspect of the Santa Cruz, the ability to navigate a turn. I implore you to navigate 22 from Easton to Philspburg to test this in the capacities, because I assure you that this single road was nothing more than exuberant.

Maneuverability did not diminish at street legal speeds

Last ego trip of the driveability: did a straight pull tonight with my wife in car (hated pulls in the hemi) and received the same negative remarks regarding it being “too sickening”. I understand 280 hp is not world shacking, but the average person will definitely be impressed with a pick up that can do 0-60 in <6 seconds.
I want to preface any of my following posts by stating that I’m coming off a 2019 Ram 1500 classic Hemi, so all opinions will based off that. And on a final note, my SAV SMOKED the d*** in a stickered out ‘13 wrx!!

I’m super curious to know what cars/trucks you’re coming off and how it compares!
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