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Limited Bose AND Kicker Hideaway HS10??

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OK, I haven't done it yet, but I was just wondering if anyone has run BOTH subs? Rather than getting into the "why" I ask if can focus on the IF it can be done. Please reserve the why for another conversation.

Is it as simple as running the power and ground for the HS10 then tapping the signal wires from the Bose? I mentioned this to a friend and he was like, "You gotta take into account the impedance." So after some research I found these diagrams from Crutchfield. See attached.
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I didn't think the OEM amp supplied power to the Kicker esp since non-Bose owners tap into the door speakers and things work fine. That's why I figured just going to the sub signal wires would be OK.

So what do y'all think? Do I need to wire them in series/parallel for it to work? Or should I just do the first option of tapping the signal wires to get this to work right?

Thanks in advance.
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I assume with both subs (plus the door speakers) the upper bass region (100-150hz) is going to have a nasty peak. Maybe you like how that sounds but it is just throwing the whole system out of balance. An RTA read out with pink noise would confirm. If you go this route I would run HS10's crossover much lower to reduce the overlap in frequencies to reduce the peak. In theory with proper tuning you could use the HS10 as a true sub-woofer (<60Hz) while the OEM Bose just handles the upper bass.
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