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Location and picture of Emissions Sticker?

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Can someone not in California that already has their Santa Cruz tell me where the Emissions sticker is under the hood and post up a picture of it? Thank you.
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I'll post this for others that live in the Republic of California and worry about buying out of state.
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It's on the underside of the hood and has "California" right on it. In addition the window sticker states, "EMISSIONS: This vehicle is certified to meet emission requirements in all 50 states." So buying out of California and registering it in California isn't an issue, but you will have to get a smog check on your brand new car.

My out of state purchase went smoothly. I only paid for the MSRP price at the dealer and got temporary use sticker in the rear window to drive it home. The taxes and registration fees all got paid in California at the DMV.
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Most all cars are 50 state compliant these days....
Unfortunately I went through an out of state new vehicle purchase that the Republic of California wouldn't let in back in 2006 because it didn't have that sticker, even though it was registered as a 2006 model witch was supposed to be 50 state CA legal. I wanted to make sure buying a SC outside of CA had ALL the legal and emissions boxes checked.

Now we need someone to go through and outline the exact process to buy an SC in Canada and register it in CA. I wasn't willing to attempt it myself.

I researched the 2006 MB Sprinter Van as a first year they were a 50 state CA legal model. I bought a van conversion on eBay at a HUGE discount in Colorado with a 2006 model year and registration, but it didn't have the CA legal sticker on it. Come to find out, because of the time it takes to convert the van, the chassis used was a 2005 (with 2005 engine) even though it was registered as a 2006 vehicle. CA said it had to go back to CO for a full refund, because the dealer knows they couldn't sell that van to me legally as a CA resident. The dealer tried to skate the law by registering it as a used vehicle, because it had about 1,500 miles on it from using it as a show vehicle at events. But CA doesn't recognize a vehicle to be used unless it has over 7,500 miles on it just to stop illegal vehicles from being bought out of state and brought in as used with low miles. If it actually had 7,500+ miles on it CA would have let it in.

To further complicate the title of that particular vehicle, CA flags the title as an attempt at illegal entry into CA. Thus that particular vehicle can NEVER be registered in California EVER! I pity the person that buys it down the line with over 7,500 miles on it thinking he can register it in CA. He's going to be in for a huge surprise.
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To further complicate the title of that particular vehicle, CA flags the title as an attempt at illegal entry into CA.
Funny how they don't seem to care about all the OTHER illegal entries into the state.

Since it is an illegal entry, following their normal logic, they should provide free car insurance for it immediately.

Only if they can make money on it do they care... just saying. :p
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