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Hey all!

So glad to have finally found a forum for this exceptional vehicle concept that keeps me up at night :eek:

Being a college kid and fiscally responsible, I've been researching high and low for the "perfect" car upon graduation. Once I put down the money for a new or gently used vehicle, I want it to fit EVERY need.

My list consisted of seating for 4-5 passengers, cargo space, AWD/4WD capability, MPG above 26 highway, and ability to haul 2500-5000 lbs. As many of you probably know from doing similar searches, that left we with **** near nothing! However, one lucky google search led me to an article about soon to be released vehicles worth waiting for, and I stumbled upon this beauty.

I've been head over heels for this vehicle since I've learned about it and I'm so ready to gush about how great it will be once it's made with you guys and gals!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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