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Hey everyone, I live in TN but work in FL. I was at Walmart a few weeks ago and a Santa Cruz drove by and I'm thinking, what the heck was that? Then I noticed the name on the rear and looked it up on my phone. I'm thinking, I need that. I'm always driving something different. Last few cars, Chevy SSR, 427 Cobra replica, Mazda MX5 - RF, 914 Porsche, Jeep Wrangler and so on. I love the truck. Purchased a Mojave Sand on 11/11. The Hyundai dealer in West Palm Beach, FL was showing several scheduled for delivery, possibly late next week. I stopped by to put a deposit on one and found out that the Mojave SEL was onsite, but no one knew it was there. It still had all the protective packaging on the exterior and interior. I saw it by accident while viewing the lot. The Mojave Sand was not the color I thought I wanted. The pictures I had seen online were not attractive, however, in person, I loved the color combo of the Mojave with Black interior. It also has the activity package, which included pretty much all the options I was looking for. Took it on it's first 100 plus mile run this morning up A1A, past Mara Lago to Hobe Sound and back and it was a blast! The gas mileage was 29.2 per gallon. I had all four windows down, sunroof open and the back sliding glass open (and air conditioning). The sound system is very nice, seats firm and comfortable, carpeted mats, nice and the tonneau cover works like a charm, including the multi locking positions. I haven't tried the Tow Hitch yet, or the 115V power inverter in the bed, but will once I return home next week to TN. I have bought five vehicles in the past year and a half and this one will be a keeper. Also, I see several new owners posting pictures of their other daily driver prior to adding the Santa Cruz to the garage. I'll do the same below
Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Plant
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
. Thank you forum peeps and I look forward to many happy miles.
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