So after waiting for my SC that was on order 5 months then being told I couldn’t get it I went all the way to FL when I found the plain white SE FWD I wanted.
Purchased 7-14-22.
I do like it and am thoroughly happy with its 30.9 Overall MPG. I think it’s time to face the facts that I’m not a ‘pickup’ person.
I also think it’s just too big! I park in the garage and barely have room to scoot around one end.
Current mileage of 8625. Comes with never used carpets and installed weathertech liners, cargo net and seat covers. Will throw in unopened bump step since the SC I ordered was going to have a tow hitch but this one does not.
Just got Carvana offer of $27,680 but I’d have to take it over to Raleigh.
If anyone wants a visit on the NC coast this SC is available at $26,500 - pick it up here price.
Just took the mpgphoto - see how it’s 72° and sunny here!!
Ask questions!