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Hyundai seems to be doing alright for itself when it comes to excellent concept cars. The Korean brand had two concept cars rank in Car and Driver's selection of the Best Concept Cars of the Year for 2015. The Santa Cruz, which was unveiled in Detroit, was joined by Hyundai's N Vision 2025 Gran Turismo concept that was first seen in Frankfurt.

Focus group designed vehicles can be a disaster, but the Santa Cruz seems to have avoided that pitfall. instead it turned out to be just the small truck that everyone wanted.It is diesel and unibody, and is all but approved for production.

The Hyundai N Vision 2025 Gran Turismo can be driven by anyone who owns the Gran Turismo video game who wants to plunk down a few dollars for some extra content. In addition to being an imaginative design exercise, it also served as the premier vehicle for Hyundai's new N performance sub-brand.
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