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Santa Cruz supply becoming tight Mid-Atlantic region

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Frustrated former Maverick order holder here.

Last month when I gave the Santa Cruz a serious second look, dealers in my area (MD, PA, VA, DE) all had in-stock units in several trim levels available.

I have a very long steep hill I have to climb to get to my street. The 4 cyl Tacoma I owned couldn’t get out of its own way climbing the hill.

I liked everything about the SEL but wasn’t particularly impressed with the performance of the engine, too much like the Tacoma.

However, I drove the SEL Premium and I was hooked

Don’t get me wrong, the SEL is the best value and with the activity package I believe the sweet spot of the Santa Cruz line-up.

At that time once we decided on trim level, it was a matter or which color (white, sage or black) in-stock unit did we want?

I checked the dealers website yesterday and it showed 2, none in transit. I started checking other area dealer websites and almost all showed 1 or 2 with several in-transit.

I can’t help but think other frustrated Maverick order holders are taking a first, or like me a second look at a Santa Cruz. And buying one instead of Maverick.

Are SantaCruz in short supply in your area?
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What!?! I’ll cancel my order for MSRP and get this. This is so wrong. But somebody will buy it……..

I sincerely hope that unit sits on the lot for months, until they lower the price to something reasonable.
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Awesome link! I was able to find the vehicle I put a deposit on. It was added to the system on May 4th. Wonder how that translates into a dealership delivery?

Thanks for posting this valuable info. Looking for a SC? See what’s going where and call the dealership!

The only SC units (10 in the entire state) coming to Colorado are SEL AWD and FWD.
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