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Stopped at my local dealer to purchase oil filters for my Kona. Granted, the oil changes are free but I rack up some serious milage. My totaled Chevy Sonic RS Premium Hatch had 62K on it in 18 months. I replaced it with a Kona Night. Five months later, it had 22K on it. Road noise and a ton of inventory in it, I realized It was doing the job, but something a little more versital was due. I have a Frontier Crew cab NISMO, but 19 MPG on a good day does't cut it anymore. Saving that old workhorse for heavier demands.
They always say, never go in the front door of a dealership. Sho nuff. I was disappointed that after buying the Night, they dropped the N Line on me. Doubly disappointed when the SC was announced.
Well, I am now enjoying the SC SEL Premium, but not without teething issues. A thread for the tech pages I suppose. Real life mileage on a run from San Antonio to Abilene at speeds that will have the Blue Link people sending me nastygrams, 26.5 MPG. Thats miles versus gallons used not from the overly oppuntistic trip computer. Loving it so far.
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