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Tonneau Cover closes crooked

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The tonneau cover on my '23 SC (picked up 3 weeks ago) seems to not close all the way on one side. On the right side it closes tight up to the tailgate, but on the left it closes about 1/4 inch away. When open it sits straight against the maintenance cover, at the middle latch point it looks straight. I can't seem to find a manual or anything that might show what can be adjusted. anyone have any thoughts? I know it's not going to be water tight, but I've seen other SCs where the tonneau closes snug against the tailgate.

hopefully the pictures make sense.
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive exterior

Open, a nice even line against the maintenance cover.

Road surface Asphalt Grey Tar Composite material

And when closed, not so much.
Hood Fixture Road surface Window Asphalt

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas or am I going back to the dealer?
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts