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Hyundai officially debuted the new Elantra at the LA auto show.

You can watch the reveal and interviews here:
2015 Hyundai LAAS

Unfortunately, no confirmation or any comments specifically about the Santa Cruz.

The spotlight has turned more towards the new Genesis brand which they plan to talk more about at the Detroit auto show in January.

What they did mention though is that they plan to introduce 10 new or heavily revised vehicles in the next 3 years. The Elantra being the first of the 10. The Genesis brand will get 5 new vehicles over the next 5 years.

So looking at the current line-up we can't say for sure if one of the new vehicles is the Santa Cruz.

New vehicles that are confirmed:

New subcompact CUV
Santa Fe (sport) (could count as two)
Genesis (to become G80)
Equus (to become G90)

Speculated vehicles:

Veloster (insider gossip says this is coming)
Genesis coupe (unsure if will move upmarket to Genesis brand or remain a Hyundai)
Azera (Kia recently teased a new Cadenza but it isn't certain if the Azera will continue)
Sonata (should be due for a refresh in 1-2 years)

The new Genesis brand will also most likely have several CUVs in development.

Since they will layout their plans for the Genesis brand in January, maybe that is when we'll hear about plans for the rest of the brand.

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